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XRGB-3 Upscan Converter Unit Micomsoft

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Are you sometimes wondering why your old videogame systems look so bad 
when directly connected to your new LCD or Plasma set ? Well, your new
TV might shine with HD stations or Blu-Ray, but just isn't up to the
task of deinterlacing and upscaling your old gaming machines' outputs.

The ultimate solution to this problems comes in a tiny black box, called
XRGB-3 - courtesy of the engineering gods at Micomsoft Japan.

The XRGB-3 is the most sophisticated video processor geared especially
at retrogaming enthusiasts all over the world. It guarantees the best
possible picture from any vintage videogaming system when connected to
a modern LCD or Plasma or to a progressive CRT.

Micomsoft's XRGB offers a bunch of inputs including composite, S-Video,
component video (via D-Terminal or Scart), RGB (via Scart und DSub15) and
VGA. DVI passthrough is available as well.

For processing the XRGB has two basic modes of operation. In it's basic
mode it offers razor sharp upscaling to the usual PC resolutions (up to
1920x1200). The resulting picture is much sharper than what TVs or monitors
can usually achieve on their own. The picture in this mode will be
very much comparable to the extremely pixelated emulator look some users
like. The upscaled output is available in VGA and DVI.

In addition to it's basic mode of operation the XRGB-3 offers a second
linedoubling-only mode in which the output is limited to 480/576p via VGA.
While your TV will have to deal with the upscaling to it's native resolution,
the XRGB-3 is extremely fast in this mode (>0.5 frames) and offers the
possibility of adding the typical CRT scanlines to the picture. The XRGB
is the only video processor worldwide to offer this function and the only
way to add scanlines to 240p sources without chaining more than one machine
to process the picture.

In this mode the XRGB-3 guarantees a gaming experience as close to the
original CRT look as possible.

For use of the XRGB's scanline emulation it's recommended to use a 1080p
TV set or a 1200p PC monitor. HD-Ready displays (768p) often have trouble
showing the scanline pattern without causing visible moire patterns. To
use the XRGB-3 with PAL sources in it's linedoubling-mode, the VGA input of
your display must be able to handle a 576p50 signal.

For additional information please visit: retrogaming.hazard-city.de

European and PAL terrority customers: Please be sure to use the proper RGB adapter (NTSC <> PAL) for your TV systems. Hooking up an XRGB to a PAL TV system without an RGB adapter  will damage the unit beyond repair. You will also need a step down converter for 230V power outlets.

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